About Me

bocklin1**The image on this page is the painting The Sacred Wood by Arnold Bocklin, another favorite painter of mine.**

While most relevant personal details about my life can be found elsewhere on this blog, I thought I should mention a few others.  Here’s a somewhat scattered rundown of me.  My name is Casey Ellis.  I’m an English teacher and, most days, I really love my job.  Even on the bad days, there’s not much else I’d want to do for a living.  Since childhood, I’ve been a voracious reader.  Recently, I think I’ve actually become pretty good at it.  I try to write creatively but I don’t think I work nearly hard enough at it.  I have an MA in English.  I strongly believe in the value of literary commentary and criticism.  Part of me figured out I was a gay man in middle school and the rest of me accepted it in college.  I’ve been open about it ever since.  Going to the theater is practically a spiritual experience for me.  I love opera but not musicals.  Figure that one out.  I sure can’t!  Aesthetically, I tend towards Anglophilia.  I don’t like texting.  I hate the films of Baz Luhrmann.  The TV shows I love best are all cartoons.  I love cats.


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