FUN HOME by Alison Bechdel

I wish I could give this book six stars!!! Much as I love reading, it usually takes me a while to finish books, even when I’m really enjoying them. This book, I started on a train ride and finished two days later. It is a stunning and deeply moving memoir of growing up with an intellectual, closeted gay father. That doesn’t come anywhere near to adequately explaining it. Anyone who is interested in gay issues or family psychology should read it. Frankly, anyone who cares about literature is cheating themselves if they don’t read this book. Alison Bechdel manages the staggering feat of being funny and touching without lapsing into sentimentality and easy answers. Despite the emotions, this is a profoundly analytical and ambiguous piece. Beautifully written and drawn, this is a truly great graphic novel. Scratch that qualifier! It is simply a great work of art, a masterpiece.


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