Very powerful book! I read this after another collection by Walton, LSD Giggles. While I really enjoyed that book, my feeling is that this one is more unique. It’s interesting that it was actually written earlier but feels, to me anyway, less like the Beat authors.  LSD Giggles feels a bit more like an homage to the Beats, at least in part. In any event, this is an excellent collection. The gem for me was “Pacified America.” It’s a really thought-provoking poem that touches on a number of fascinating themes. These include addiction, violence, the true meaning of peace, the dependence of life on pain and struggle and the impersonality of much of modern life. While the piece is quite lyrical, it is also cool and sharp in its appraisal of humanity in a way some readers might find a bit menacing. This is nicely tempered by some humorous twists and turns. All around it is a first rank poem. There are plenty of other fine pieces and some real surprises. “Richard Adam’s Fairy Tale” is an intriguing philosophical meditation on animals and their emotions with a nod to the classic novel Watership Down.  “Soulful” is probably the most sheerly beautiful poem in the book and more than lives up to its title as it looks at the intangible essence of different kinds of lives and experiences. These are just my favorites. Every poem in the book is fantastic in its own way. I’d encourage any poetry-lover to read this book and I’ll be looking forward to reading more of this author.


One thought on “TO YOUR HEALTH: HUMANITY’S DIAGNOSIS by Jeremiah Walton

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