This is a very engaging first novel! In fact, I strongly suspect that fans of the romance genre will appreciate it even more than I did. I deeply respect all genres but we all have our preferences and romance is not my favorite type of book. However, I was swept up in this all the same due to its humor and imagination It could have used a little more editing although the grammatical errors lessen as the book goes on. There is also a slow spot or two, especially early on. However, once the book gets going it becomes an incredible page-turner with some twists I could never have dreamed up! The author veers wildly between harrowing realism and near fantasy but this never feels absurd or even artificial. On the contrary, the author confidently gets us to follow along quite willingly. The whole plot is held together by a wonderfully appealing heroine, some tart humor and several intriguing supporting characters. One in particular takes a turn in the book, from charming to DEEPLY disturbing, that is original and very refreshing.  Sibling Secrets isn’t perfect but it is a lot of fun in its own right and suggests great things from this author in the future.  


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